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July 13, 2014

Become a Member

MABC offers Full (Active/Voting) Membership to magazine publishers (including e-magazines), Affiliate Membership to businesses and industry suppliers, as well as publishers whose magazines don’t meet the Full Membership criteria, and Associate Membership to students, magazine contributors and other individuals interested in the publishing industry.  The following is excerpted from the MABC Bylaws (last updated June 2011).

Read about the benefits of MABC membership here.

Membership Types:

Fee Schedule

To Apply



Full members shall be those publishers who apply for Full membership in respect of a British Columbia magazine, journal, e-zine or other periodical of a cultural, social, economic, political or artistic nature (provided that any publication deemed by the Association to be a house organ, publication circulated exclusively to a club membership, advertising catalogue, promotion publication or daily or weekly newspaper shall be ineligible) which for:



Print Magazine Membership

1.     Bases its publishing activities primarily in British Columbia;

2.     Has its effective managerial and editorial control in the hands of British Columbians; and financial control in the hands of Canadians;

3.     Uses the original work of Canadian writers, artists or photographers as a substantial part of its editorial content;

4.     Has, for a period of twelve months prior to its application, established regular frequency of publication;

5.     Has maintained accepted standards of editorial and production quality;

6.     Subscribes to and is willing to work on behalf of the objectives of the Association;

7.     Submits a complete Annual Information Form, pays the requisite membership fee, and submits one copy of each new issue of its periodical on a timely basis to the Association.



E-magazine Membership

To qualify for Full Membership, an e-magazine publication must in addition to the above (as applicable):

1.     Be at least 51% owned by legal residents of Canada (publisher or parent organization);

2.     Not have more than 50% of its editorial content composed of material that is syndicated from or reproduced from another website or publication;

3.     Not contain excessive advertising, at the Board of Directors’ discretion;

4.     Be updated regularly;

5.     Present a clearly displayed contact page that includes at minimum, the names of the editor and publisher as well as the postal address of the publication;

6.     Be a destination for users/readers rather than an email newsletter, RSS feed or similar;

7.     Maintain an editorial control system where the editor is named;

8.     Have been live for at least six months prior to application for membership.


Ineligible publications include:

·       House organs, advertising catalogues, promotion publications, daily or weekly newspapers or publications circulated primarily to a club;

·       Magazines whose advertising to editorial ratio exceeds 70:30 (averaged annually). Magazines must comply with the Canadian Magazine Industry Advertising-Editorial Guidelines;

·       Members who are no longer in good standing.


Applications for Full Membership shall be granted if in the opinion of the board, the applicant fulfills all the criteria.



Probationary Membership is open to publishers who meet the criteria for full membership outlined above except the duration of establishment. In order to apply for Probationary Membership, publications must submit a minimum of two issues. Probationary Members shall have the use of all services; however, such members shall not be eligible to stand for office, to vote at MABC meetings, and to participate in referenda. At the one-year anniversary of Probationary Membership, the board of directors will review the publication and will determine if Full Membership will be offered.



Affiliate Membership is open to publishers whose magazines are ineligible for membership and other allied and trade organizations which share the aims of the Association.  In order to be considered for Affiliate Membership, applicants must submit company information.  Affiliate Members will be listed in the Magazine of Magazines and on the website and are eligible for discounts and educational services. Affiliate Members shall not be eligible to stand for office, to vote at MABC meetings or to participate in referenda.




Associate Membership is open to BC individuals who are allied individuals who share the aims of the association, and who are freelance publishing professionals, or students.  In order to be considered for Associate Membership, applicants will submit a bio and indicate why they wish to join MABC.  Associate Members are eligible for discounts and other MABC member services, including professional development bursaries. Associate Members shall not be eligible to stand for office, to vote at MABC meetings or to participate in referenda.






Annual Full/Probationary Member fees are based on circulation per issue:
Membership Fees By Circulation Numbers
Up to 2,000
2,001 to 5,000
5,001 to 10,000
10,001 to 20,000
20,001 to 30,000
30,001 to 40,000
40,001 to 50,000
50,001 to 100,000
Over 100,000
Affiliate Membership
Associate Membership
Where a publisher produces more than one magazine and seeks membership for all of them, the magazine with the largest circulation will apply for membership. Standard membership fees will apply for the first publication. Membership fees for additional magazines will be 25% of the standard membership fees.
* Membership fees are subject to change. All membership applications are subject to board approval.


Please review the following documents:

  1. Membership Application Form:(Word) (PDF)
  2. Conditions of Membership (PDF)
  3. Member Benefits
  4. Canadian Magazine Industry Advertising-Editorial Guidelines (PDF)

Print and complete the Membership Application Form. Submit along with the enclosures required for your desired membership category to:

or the following address:

Magazine Association of BC
201-318 Homer Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 2V2

If you have questions about the application process or would prefer to receive an application package by mail, please contact the office at 604-688-1175 or

If you are a print magazine and choose to email your application, please include pdfs of your magazine issues and other materials, and follow up with the actual issues by mail.

We will acknowledge your receipt promptly, so if you don't hear back within a week of your submission, please follow up by phone to make sure we received it: 604-688-1175



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